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Official Prince of Tennis Fudomine Jersey by Yonex!

I'm starting to clear out some goodies I won't be wearing again. Here I'm getting rid of my OFFICIAL Prince of Tennis Fudomine Jersey made by Yonex. It was only avaliable from Jump Festa in 2003. I had it special ordred from Anime Confetti over a year ago, I paid $90 plus international shipping so it cost me over $100. It's no longer sold ANYWHERE!

These are not the homemade jerseys on eBay, this is authentic and is made to match how they look in the series.

Along with the jersey, I will throw in the black sweat pants which I added white stripes to around the legs to look like the ones wore by Fudomine team.

For both, I am asking $75 which includes Priority Mail shipping in the US.

The Jersey is listed as a size M on the tag, however we know Japanese are smaller than us Americans! I'm 5'7" with a 32" inch bust and a 25" waist to get an idea of how it fits. Measurements are as follows:

Chest - 40", will stretch to 44" without ruining it
Length - 26"

The pants are a size Medium with an elastic sweatband. Will fit up to 43" waist, they stretch A LOT! THe legs are stretchy for anyone with big thighs as well. The white stripes are white felt sewn into straight stripes, which I attached using fabric glue (I was lazy) It was not done sloppy and looks good, as you can see in the pictures. They are a cotton material so they actually MATCH the shirt, I don't think the jerseys look good with nylon pants which reflect the flash and looks off color.

Anyways, onto the pictures!

Front & back of Jersey

Photo of full outfit, (Photo by Al of

If you want the wig as well, I will sell it for an additional $5. It's tje Jesus style wig from

I paid $35 for the wig, but I had cut it and attempted to straighten is and it has a fair amount of pomade in the wig, so that's why I'll throw it in for only $5, it's been sitting in it's bag for months.

Anyways, I accept Paypal, concealed cash, & money orders. Payment must be in within 7 days or I shall offer to the next buyer/list on eBay.

I have over 370 positive comments on eBay, so buy with confidence!
You can read my feedback here!
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