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SHIPPING is for CD’s #1-#6=$4 6-12=$8

I acept paypal and mash/money order.
If you want something scan the comments, then you can claim. If you claim something I'll give you my e-mail. You'll have 48 hours to contact me before I give the claim to someone else. Or you can give me your e-mail and I'll contact you. Then you'll have 48 hours to respond ^_^v

Singles $3
By Sexual - Dynamite girl
Fanatic Crisis - ONE
True Kiss Destination - Girls, be ambitious
TM Revolution - Thunder Bird
-------- White Breath
Ryuichi Kawamura - Cielo
-----love is
Hakuei - Zeus
Penicillin - Make love
Luna Sea - True Blue
Tommy Februaty6 – Wait till I can Dream (w/dvd)
------------------- Love is forever (w/dvd)
Gackt – Tsuki no Uta
---------Last Song

Arashi – Typhoon Generation
Nakashima Mika – Resistance
Abe Asami - Our Song
Ayumi Hamasaki – Daybreak
----------------- Evolution
Utada Hikaru – Traveling
Onmyouji - ???
Goto Maki – Daiteyo! Please go on
Fujimoto Miki – Aenai nagai nichiyoubi
Pucchi Moni - Seishun Jidai 1.2.3!
Morning Musume - Daite hold me

Album $10
Delasine – Anything
Ryuich Kawamura – Love
Hakuei – Samurai
----------Angel Trip
Penicillin – Limelight

Laputa – Kagerou
--------- memai
T.M.Revolution – the FORCE
J- pyromania (w/mini disk)

Kyroume – Corkscrew
Arb – El Dorado
Ayumi Hamasaki – Duty
Morning Musume – 3rd Morning
--------------- 4th IKIMASHOI
------------- No.5
Hello! Project – Together
Shazna – Golden Sun and Silver Moon (w/mini disk)
Karen - Reincarnation
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