shinji_hiroshi (shinji_hiroshi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Anime and non-Anime DVD's for Sale or trade

Shrine of The Morning Mists Vol. 1: $20.00(10 ep's)

(hong kong perfect collection with english/japanese audio)

Kai Doh Maru Ova $6.00

Samurai Girl Boxset: $60.00

Inu-Yahsa Movie 2(hong kong): 5.00

Disney Mulan 1999 1st print dvd: $10.00

Kim Possible: The Secret Files $6.00

Kill Bill Vol. 1 $6.00

Don't Say A Word $6.00

Big Trouble $6.00

~~~~~~~~~~~~NON DVD Goods~~~~~~~~~~~
The Vampire Armand(tape audio story)
The Vampire Lestat(tape audio story)
Merrick(cd audio story)
****All three of these items are $12.00 to buy.

Harry Potter and The Order of Phoenix(paper back/never read got the boxset at xmas) $4.40

Let's Draw Manga: Ninja & Samurai(read once, mint) $13.00

The Kanji Way to Japanese Language Power(Barely read, Mint) $13.00


If you do not see the words HONG KONG, it means the dvd's are
R1. All my dvd's coem from a smoke free home and are in excellent
shape. If you see something you want to buy or trade, please let me
know. As it is now I would rather take the money, but these are the
items I'm looking for on DVD, must be R1 dvd's! No hong Kong
imports other then the Sailor Moon one.
I will ship outside of the us, but I can only take PAYPAL payments is US funds. Shipping I can get for you later, once I make a trip to the post office. Any question's feel free to ask! Those of you in the US, Money order or cash only. Like paypal payments more.


Sai-Yuki English dvd's, and the movie
Sailor Moon Season 5(SP ed Hong Kong DVD set)
Peacemaker Vol. 2 AND UP
Gravitation Vol's 2-4
Stargate SG-1 Seasons: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8
Manga wise I need these titles(english only):
Selfish Love Vol. 2
Kizuna Vol 2-3
Eerie Queerie 2-end
Vampire Game Vol 1-14
PeaceMaker Vol 2
Kenshin 8, 9, and 10

As for now that's all I can think of. Anything with Yaoi in it is
another thing I like.
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