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I was wondering what Japanese items people have been looking for, but
have been unable to find? Basically, I would like to gage what people
want to make sure our mission fits the needs of the overall community.
I ask because I've felt we, in this community, were always a great
cross-section of various Japanese interests. One specific area I've
been wanting to expand is the Magazine section of ThinkTokyo. However,
there are so many magazines out there it would be a huge investment
(something we don't have) to stock them all. I am wondering what
particular magazines or topics we would like to see sold? However, any
suggestions are welcome, and should not be limited to any constraints.

ThinkTokyo is really new and I want to ensure that our
goals are going in the right direction. To give a taste of our
mission, we want to provide items to people who take Japan seriously,
and not be another "We have wacky hello kitty vibrators and an
abnormous porn selection from those silly Japanese." To put it in less
biting terms, we have a serious interest in exploring and providing
unique Japanese popular and underground culture.

Chad "Cenic" Q.
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