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Lots of manga with pictures and reduced prices under the cut! :3 Come have a look-see~

NEW: Ultra Maniac 1-5 [complete series]

Feedback: HERE.
Shipping: Free in Canada. Plus shipping anywhere else, which I'll figure out when I know where you are. :D
Condition: All in perfect condition unless otherwise noted.
Method: Paypal only.
All prices are in USD. Even though I'm in Canada, just because that's easier.

Boys Over Flowers 1-15 SOLD
Price: $6.50 each or $90 for the set.

Battle Royale 5 [picture upon request]
Price: $6.50

Beck 1

Price: $5.50

Comic Party

Price: $5.00

Crimson Hero 3

Price: $6.00 (slight bend on the edge of the cover)

Cross 1

Price: $4.50 (has scratches on the cover)

Death Note 5

Price: $6.50

Descendants Of Darkness/Yami no Matsuei 11 SOLD
Price: $7.50

Diablo 1

Price: $5.50

Doubt!! 1-3, 6 SOLD
Price: $7.50 each or $26 for the set

Gate 1 SOLD, awaiting payment

Price: $6.00

Land of the Blindfolded 1

Price: $6.00

Neck and Neck 1-2

Price: $6.00 each or $9 for the pair

Othello 1-4

Price: $7.00 each or $24 for the set

Shutter Box 1 SOLD
Price: $7.50


Price: $8.00

The Tarot Cafe 1

Price: $6.00

The Wallflower 1-4

Price: $7.00 each or $24 for the set

NEW!! Ultra Maniac 1-5

Price: $6.00 each or $25 for the set.

Under The Glass Moon 1

Price: $6.50

Zodiac P.I. 2

Price: $5.50

Thank you for looking! :3
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