saki O.G. (billetxdoux) wrote in garagesalejapan,
saki O.G.

sale sale :O

all sorts of stuff on sale @ selling journal!

visual kei goods (indies and major), cds (this too D|), clothing (new and used!), accessory (yeah, same.), etc!
metamorphose, algonquins, sex pot, black peace now, etc!

this stuff should be on the s&h entry but it's a shared selling journal and I can't edit that post :X!! oops.

all items are preferred to be payed via paypal - if you are to pay with credit card, please add 5%
if you're buying more than one item the combined price will be a little reduced (depending on items, etc. but feel free to ask :)
please keep in mind that the items are being shipped from Japan so it's why certain items (coats, etc) are more expensive. (mostly the shipping coverage.)

any questions can be directed to


(Ive always wanted to repeat the community name multiple times for effect :X)

please check it out!
new items will be updated so feel free to friend it or bookmark :) my co-seller person D: will be adding items as well, and we (well, atleast I!) take fanart commisions as well :O but that page will be edited etc. accordingly. (aka: later when less lazy :x this took enough time as it is.)

anyway (^x^) thank you so much for looking! and hope you can find something you like!

-saki O.G.
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