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Featured Items.

Today's featured items are Jrock, and Jpop items!
Shipping is not included in price, please comment with location and I will let you know how much shipping will be.
It is important you have your payment in before may 10th if you want to save on shipping! Shipping cost will go up after that.

-Cawaii 12.2005
-Melon 04.2005

-Anna Tsuchiya- Change Your Life
-The Pink Panda - Dog Star
-Pot Shot- She is Cute
-WaT 5cenchi limited edition single
-Nana Kitade - Kibo no Kakera single
-Princess Princess - Dolls in action

-WaT - Hava Rava promo poster.
-Duel Jewel - Life On . . . / Aishu Melancholia promo poster
-Duel Jewel - Azure promo Poster.
-Duel Jewel poster from 2003
-NANA KITADE Kera promo poster.

Other Merchaindise
-Anna Tsuchiya - strip me cell phone strap
-Anna Tsuchiya inspi' Nana Black Stones cell phone strap
-Duel Jewel photo set
-Mini Moni Card game
-Lead Shinya+Akira trading card
-Lead Shinya trading card
-Flame Yusuke+Yu Trading Card
-Flame Hisato Trading Card
-ex Flame Kyohei trading card

Cawaii 12.2005 Teppei Koike on cover.
Almost new condition. Full of popular Japanese girls fashion, and 3 pgs featuring Teppei Koike. -- $8.00 $7.00$6.00
Melon 04.2005 Various on cover, See picture.
Almost new condition. A fashion magazine for younger teen girls. Also inside, Teppei Koike, Saito twins, Hiroshi, Eita, Yuma Ishigaki, Akiyoshi Nakao, Ai Otsuka, Satomi Ishihara, a 'Hot girls Hot style' feature that includes, Kyoko Fukada, Mika Nakashima, Beni Arashino, Aya Hirayama, Yui Ichikawa, and others -- $6.00

Anna Tsuchiya- Change Your Life single $6 First Press In excelent condition.
Listened to 2 times only. Track 1. Change your Life 2.Only Want You 3. 3. every moment 4.change your life -version 5-
The Pink Panda - Dog Star $8 Listened to only one time. It wasn't the band I thought it was.
Japanese all girl punk band, contains 4 tracks. 1.Dog Star 2.Rolling Dice 3.Go!Go!Girl 4.Monopolizer
Pot Shot- She is Cute 8mm single. $4
This cd has just been sitting in it's case the past few years, and I only ever listened to it maybe 2 times.
In good condition, but has some minor scuffing due to age, but plays PERFECT.
This single is impossible to get now! Very fun Japanese ska band.
3 tracks 1. She is cute 2. Tell me 3. A Peal Of Pot shot.
WaT 5cenchi limited edition single
Eiji Wentz, and Teppei Koike's band!
This single is in like new condition, listened to only one time!
It comes in a record sized case, and with a cardboard stand that says WaT to display it one.
It also comes in a clear bag that says WaT in white. See all the pictures for the details!
1.5cenchi 2.bokura no ibasho 3.5cenchi instrumental 4.bokura no ibasho instrumental
I would like $19$14
back cover inside On stand
Nana Kitade - Kibo no Kakera single. FIRST PRESS
I recently bought more cd's than I could afford, so I decided to sell one.
It is brand new, still in plastic, never been opened at all!
Tracks are -
1. Kibo no Kakera
2. This is Girl
3. Kibo no Kakera original karaoke
$14.00 $11
Princess Princess - Dolls in action CD full length CD has 11 tracks.
Popular girl band from the 80's, and 90's. Original release of this cd was 1991.
All tracks play great! There is some light scratches on the cd, but it has no skips.
If you would like a tracklist, let me know, and I'll try to figure out the kanji for you~ -- $7.00

WaT - Hava Rava promo poster. $10 28.5 x 20 inches.
Very good condition. A small scuff on the BACK of the poster. (does not affect the front.)
Duel Jewel - Life On . . . / Aishu Melancholia promo poster $12 28.5 x 20 inches.
BRAND NEW. The one in the picture is not the one I am selling, but that's what the one I am selling looks like. The one I am selling is brand new, and has never been unrolled.
Duel Jewel - Azure promo Poster. $10 28.5 x 20 inches.
Very good condition, a small scuff on the back of the poster. (does not affect the front.)
Duel Jewel poster from 2003 $8 28.5 x 20 inches.
This poster is a rather bad shape. It's been hanging on my wall since 2003.
The back has a lot of tape marks, but no stickyness. And the front has a scuff of white where it says Duel Jewel. However, since it is an item you can't get anymore, and I feel sad to part with it, I will take no less than $8 for it.
VERY LARGE NANA KITADE Kera promo poster. $15
40x26 inches.
In very good condition except the back has 2 scuffs where there was some tape. (does not affect the front.)

Misc items.
Anna Tsuchiya - strip me cell phone strap $9
hand cuffs and key cell phone strap,the little metal piece says Anna Tsuchiya on it.
This is an official Anna Tsuchiya item. Brand new.
Anna Tsuchiya inspi' Nana Black Stones cell phone strap $8
Guitar pic shapped cell phone strap.
This is an official Anna Tsuchiya item. Brand new.
Duel Jewel photo set 5 photos included in set. One of each member.
This in an official photo set that I got about 3 years ago. It's been in plastic ever since then,
so they are in excelent condition. The photos are unique in that they are square,
rather than traditional photo size! -- $13.00$11
Mini Moni Card game $4 New condition.
This is some kind of card game, I am not sure how it's played.
It comes with directions but they're all in Japanese.
Lead Shinya+Akira trading card. front back $0.50
Lead Shinya trading card. front back $0.50
Flame Yusuke+Yu Trading Card. front back $0.50
Flame Hisato Trading Card. front back $0.50
ex Flame Kyohei trading card. front back $0.50

You can Look Here for feedback and payment info.

Also you can check out the rest of my journal for anime, manga, clothing and other cute stuff from Japan, and more!
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