ai_ten (ai_ten) wrote in garagesalejapan,

for diamondmeadows

We were able to get you a first press hide *Ja Zoo* cd (album) in A condition and a C condition copy of X Japan`s Vanishing Vision (indies) album. As the Vanishing Vision album is in lower condition than you requested, we will offer it to you for $8 (the thing is pretty beat up and clearly shows its age, but it plays perfectly on our own system)

We can also offer you a 1997 issue of SHOXX featuring Yoshiki on the cover for your $10 price quote.

Shipping is not included in these quotes. All three items can ship for $15 together or $7 for the cds (single or together) and $10 for the magazine.

We were able to come accross nearly all items in X and hide's discography... But, since Japanese albums sell for a bit more than US$30 new, $10 is a bit low even for resale (even lower when you consider we need to make a profit). Of course we can find you singles at this quoted price (or in many cases, to be honest, we can sell them lower), but as far as albums-- about $15-18 is more realistic (including our commission). This is all we could find that fit your price scale in our search today.

please email us to accept or decline anything here.


If diamondmeadows does not reply or rejects the items: anyone is welcome to claim them.
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