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Left-over Discount Sale

Well... we're amassing a small pile of goods that were unpaid, rejected or just plain un-bought...

So here's the previously promised "free-for-all". People have been remarkably thorough about accepting their finders' service and doujinshi items lately... so I'm afraid there's not that much here (though to tell the truth, that's WONDERFUL for us ^___^v Thank you everyone!! )


Harry Potter doujinshi - Alexandrite
Harry X Draco (yaoi/hard) ~ 60 pages, A condition
$11 (including oversize charge)

Harry Potter - Montage (Rito Kohsaka)
gen - Harry/Riddle; Riddle (P-GEN), Lucious ~ 44 pages, A+ condition

Lumen Lunae - Oukokukishidan Book 6
yaoi (hard) - 38 pages, A+ condition

Pierrot doujinshi - "Devil Maker"
Kirito X Jun ~ 42 pages, A condition

Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Kagerou
gen (Hiei/Kurama) ~ 18 pages + text file translation, A condition


Pinky st PK003
PRE-OWNED on-card (meaning the figure has been opened before)

Pinky st accessories - hair, hat, 2 shirts, 2 pants, bag
PRE-OWNED, off-card

PK010, PK011, PK012 (set)
just retired, Mint on Card

Pinky st PK004A (cheerleader/schoolgirl)
out-of-circulation, Mint on Card

Pinky st PK005A (cheerleader/schoolgirl)
out-of-circulation, Mint on Card

++Special Sale Offers++

all purchases come with a free shounen ai or FMA trading card

~buy two items $1 off
~buy four items $2 off
~buy six items $3 off

Comment to claim. See our livejournal for shipping charges.
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