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05 May 2007 @ 06:32 pm
LoopAsh mega-sale!  
Due to some overzealous lucky bag buying at New Year's, I have multiples of MANY rare and old LoopAsh goods. I've finally sorted through everything, and am having a massive sale! All items are brand new and wrapped (when applicable). Prices are HALF of retail or less!

All prices are negotiable in large orders (multiple items in one order) only. Shipping will be EMS from Japan, and IS NOT included in the listed prices.

WARNING: This post is severly image heavy, though the images are all small.

( CDs - MASK, Scissor, JOKER, Kamikaze Boyz )
( VHS - AnCafe, Marusa, MASK, Scissor )
( Posters - JOKER, MASK, Kamikaze Boyz, Scissor )
( Photosets - MASK, Sana, Kamikaze Boyz, Scissor, Marusa, AnCafe, HeaRt )
( Random extras )

Cross-posted like you wouldn't believe, and fake-linked to my personal journal.