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CardCaptor Sakura Illustration Collection 1-3 and Memorial Book [Taiwan Version]

All in tip-top condition. ^_^ Change in price.

Illustration Collection 1-3 [$16 per book]

- Around 100 page colour illustration artwork for each book
- Photo Quality pages (thick)

Illustration Collection 1

Illustration Collection 2

Illustration Collection 3

Special Memorial Book [$18 only one book]

- Around 60 page colour illustration artwork for the book
- Photo Quality pages (thick)
- Addition of around 60 paper quality pages of artwork and information

+ [Things to Note] +

* ALL orders or reservations must be sent to kagrrashin@gmail.com for confirmation. (please do not leave comments on LJ)

* A confirmation mail invoice will be sent back to you if your order is accepted (please wait and be patient).

* IF you're really confirmed on buying, include your gender, name, handphone number and address in your order.

* Prices stated are without shipping yet. Once you have confirmed the orders made, I will check with the post office and quote you the shipping charges. Price of shipping will vary, due to weight and the country you stay in. There are 2 kinds of shipping available - Sea and Air. To make a package registered, it will be an additional charge of $4.

* 1st come 1st serve, while stocks last. Pirority is given to emailed orders.

* Prices are stated in USD.

* ALL Transactions in Singapore will be done by meeting up in MRT Stations or by Mail. Transaction in SGD.

* ALL Transactions from OVERSEAS will be done by using USD CASH, well-concealed through mail. (until i am able to get paypal)

* Goods sold are not refundable

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