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05 May 2007 @ 04:45 pm
lowered prices  

I am trying to sell before the postal office changes the rates, which will go higher this month.

$11 USD each.
All prices include shipping with delivery confirmation for anywhere within the US! International is more. Insurance is extra.

I accept Money Order and Paypal Non-Credit Card and Non-Debit Card payments.

Please e-mail me if you are interested. Serious buyers only please! Feel free to check my eBay feedback for reference.
**Please also note that some are quite a bit weighty (heavy).

Japanese Kera Vol. 76 January 2005- $11 USD

Japanese Kera Vol. 86 January 2005- $11 USD

Japanese Kera Vol. 87 January 2005- $11 USD

Japanese Kera Vol. 95 January 2006- $11 USD

**buy all 4 and I'll pay the insurance (i.e. the insurance will be free)!!!**

***If you're interested in any other items I have for sale please feel free to check out my livejournal.

thanks for your time!

**Seriously, please e-mail me! I try to check lj, but sometimes the notices don't come through. Lj sometimes sends out notices very late, so if you want a reply its best to e-mail me**