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05 May 2007 @ 10:04 pm
Gackt For Sale:  
I'm selling Gackt and Cosplay stuffs. So if ya'll would like to contribute to my summer travel fund, Please take a look:

NewsMaker Magazine (Sold)

UV Magazine Vol. 103. Comes with a large Poster of Gackt with a guitar, and a second Pin-Up Poster of just Gackt. I had the 2 posters framed, so they are both detached from the magazine, but still perfect. Both the Magazine and the Posters are in Excellent Condition (I think I did read this magazine once, but again I had just wanted the posters). I am asking $25 USD and $4 shipping.

Gackt Mizerable Photobooks (Sold)

Taiwan R.O.C black rain coat. It’s about 41” long and is probably a Large (It fits like a man’s coat). The clasps on the front are actually metal and fold over and lock into one another. It's kind of like a vintage Fireman's jacket. It’s in Good Condition. I'm only asking $1 USD since shipping would probably be around $5.

Thank you!