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hide painting

Last month, someone asked claim and emailed me about the hide painting I have made and showed interest in buying it but I don't remember who it was^^;;

Just so you know, I didn't enhance the colors or anything to make it more tasty.

Also, I am willing to take a request for a painting this month, preferrably of a JRocker. There are different things that affect the cost which can be discussed later. Just please don't think you're gonna get a painting for 20 bucks or so because that's a sketch price.^^;;

Anyone want a painting of a JRocker custom made? Let me know what you're interested in here. Then email me: Leon_Knights at hotmail dot com to send a picture if you don't have a link to post here instead.


P.S. Here are some past sample work I've done rather recently:
Mana from Malice Mizer - Merveilles
Alice in Wonderland
MALICE MIZER - Beast of Blood
Mana - Bara no Seirou
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