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[Selling lots of stuff D:]

Con season is upon us, and thus monies are needed for buying fabric and such XD

Payments/Shipping: Because I need money for this stuff ASAP, I will only accept paypal payments (credit card through paypal, paypal balance or bank transfer. No e-checks, please.) in USD. I will not accept cash/check unless you arrange with me privately because you desperately want something. I will ship to the US ONLY. Payments must be made within 24 hours, or your held items will go back to the sale.

Because of my class schedule, I will only be able to ship on Wednesdays and Fridays/Saturdays. Your stuff will generally be shipped within a week of receiving payment (need time for it to transfer over to my bank account so I actually have the monies to send x3)

And look, 100% positive feedback on ebay.

Pricing: All prices include/cover shipping and whatever materials I may need to send you your items (as well as the actual item), thus some of them may seem a bit steep. Though obviously, I will combine shipping wherever possible if you are buying more than one item. Most things get shipped flat-rate priority mail ($4.05).

Buying: All items are first-come, first-serve. If for some reason the first person to choose backs out, I will let the second person who asked for it know by email, and so on. If you want to buy porn, you will need to provide some form of proof that you are legally of age. A scan or clear photo of your ID/driver's license is fine. Because I don't want angry parentals coming after me with a baseball bat for selling their kidlets porns. I'm too lazy to actually rate doujinshi, so if it says ID required, 99% chance it's smut-tastic. Anything else probably only involves minor kissing/groping, if anything at all.

To buy, please either comment or send an email to kamioakira at gmail dot com with a) your lj name, b) what you want to buy and c) proof of age (if applicable). I'll let you know ASAP if the items are still available, and what your total will be. When paying, please make sure to include the same information (as well as your shipping address - set type to 'goods - other') so I know who bought what and where I'm sending stuff to ^^;

Bromides (Prince Box - Pure White)

*Please note that bromides to not come with the stand, there is only one included with this particular set of bromides.

All bromides are $9 (includes shipping/photo mailer).

Echizen Ryoma

Fuji Syusuke

Pencil Boards

*All pencilboards are regular-sized and $12 (includes shipping/etc)

*Larger scans of (most) things can be found here. Just poke around a bit.

PB1) DN ANGEL - Dark, Daisuke (Printed on clear plastic)

PB2) Saiyuki - Group (Printed on clear plastic)

PB3) Ryoma

PB12) Kaidou, Ryoma, Inui

PB13) Fuji

PB14) Ryoma

PB15) Ryoma, Fuji, Tezuka, Inui


*All clearfiles are about A4 size (a bit larger) and $12 unless otherwise stated.

*In most cases scans will be funky and cut off, as these things are too big for my scanner and most of them are still in their original packaging (hence weird ass lighting) ^^;

*Larger scans of (most) things can be found here. Just poke around for them.

CF1) Seigaku

CF2) Seigaku

CF3) Momoshiro, Inui, Kawamura, Ryoma, Kaidou (Only printed on one side)

CF4) Chibi Seigaku $10 (fast!scanner doesn't do so well with bright colours, but I am lazy to hook up goodbutslow!scanner and this thing is bright pink. Also, mini-sized (~6x8)



Wanted: Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi (any pairing/rating), any JET MONSTER Niou/Yagyuu doujinshi I do not have, any Medaka no Gakkou doujinshi I do not have (preferred pairings -> Atobe/Kamio, Ibu/Kamio... Anyone/Kamio, but will take pretty much anything I do not already have), Ibu/Kamio, Anyone/Kirihara/Anyone, any Yanagi/Sanada, Tenipuri HET (preferably involving An-chan, but the other girls are more than welcome), any Ai-chip Rikkai doujinshi I do not own, any Mizutamaberry Rikkai or Fudoumine doujinshi I do not own. A (very incomplete) list of what I DO own can be found here. If you're wanting to trade, just email at the address found at the top of the post.

*All doujinshi are $13 unless stated otherwise (covers shipping/etc).
*If you want to see inside scans, please let me know and I'll hook you up ^^ In most cases the cover art reflects the inside art.
*99% of these are boys love, so if you're unsure about something, just ask ♥


APO1) Crystal Moon by Saira Kazuki (Aurora Veil) Jade/Platina.

APO2) Snow Feather by Saira Kazuki (Aurora Veil) Jade/Platina.

APO3) Angel Dust by Muyako Muya (Yaminabe Junkie/Angelophany) Jade/Platina

APO4) Unknown title by Riku Yumi & Satoru Mizuki (Zakaliar & shi ro ku ro) Jade/Sapphirus


NARUTO01) Reticle za Mousou by Majime Takako (R2 System) Kakashi/Sasuke. (Contains a page with red-coloured blood)


SEED01) Cassini no Kuugeki by Miwa Azusa & Sakakibara Tomomi (Juuoku Bunritsu) Asuran/Kira ID REQUIRED

SEED02) Fujitsu by Ashika Nozomu (Gau wo Mokuba ni Butsuketai) Azrael/Shani ID REQUIRED


WING01) Whoops Not! by C&J 3/4, 1/2, random characters

WING02) Crying Bird by Fuujin-Ken All char, Duo main

WING03) D.D.D by N. Rinpei Trowa/Quatre


WEISS01) Oretachi ni Asuwa Aru! by Nobue Watanabe & Rei Akira, Weiss gen/gag. (Printed in red ink)


WHISTLE01) Holiday Hour by Honomura Atsumu/Tachibana Chima (SLIDERS) U-14's - Wakana Yuhto, Sanada Kazuma & Kaku Eishi/Yeoung-sa


POT03) Signal by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Fuji/Tezuka

POT04) Crazy Cat by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Oishi/Kikumaru

POT05) Jet'aime Jet'aime by Kodaka Kazuma (K2 Company) Oishi/Kikumaru ID REQUIRED

POT06) Funktastic Niceday by Asai A. (Tokyo Night Cat/Tokyo Night Nyanko) Sengoku/Minami

POT07) Cat Food by Midorima Atene (Mo, Matsurigumi!) Kikumaru/Ryoma. ID REQUIRED

POT08) Hell That Is Our Life! by Hibino Kasuga (Kyoutoouji) Hyoutei main, hinted ToriShishi, mostly gag

POT10) Nazo no Yellow Crowd by Chitose Piyako (D-Amb) Yagyuu/Marui, Niou/Yukimura ID REQUIRED

POT12) Love is Ghost by Mio Tennohji (Hyper Reality) Niou/Yagyuu ID REQUIRED

POT13) Amai Wana (Sweet Trap) by Hikaru Takami (Breath) Niou/Yagyuu (implied sex and a very naked Niou, but nothing for me to rate it NC-17)

POT14) SakakiAto Senbatsu Splash! by Marin Kitakaze (MARIN'S) Sakaki/Atobe ID REQUIRED

POT15) Munasawagi no After School by Aozora Aoi (art) /Takimiya Shinobu (novel) (B.S CO;/CROSS PARTS) Yagyuu/Marui, Sanada/Yukimura ID REQUIRED (half of this book is text-only novel)

POT16) Velveteen by Peach-Samurai Sengoku/Atobe ID REQUIRED

POT17) Ai no Tame ni by Katura Natume (Kaleido Scope) Niou/Yagyuu, Sanada/Yukimura ID REQUIRED

POT18) Magic in your eyes by Shironiwa [I think] Yagyuu/Niou ID REQUIRED (part of this book is text-only novel)

*All manga are $6 each, unless otherwise stated.

1) [CLAMP] X/1999 vol 1 (ENGLISH)
2) [CLAMP] X/1999 vol 2 (ENGLISH)

+or buy both vols. for $10

3) [Matou Sanami] FAKE vol 1 (ENGLISH)
4) [Matou Sanami] FAKE vol 2 (ENGLISH)

+or buy both for $10

5) [Kishimoto Masashi] Naruto vol 2 (ENGLISH) {...somehow ended up with two copies of this, only one is for sale}

6) [CLAMP] Cardcaptor Sakura vol 1 (ENGLISH)
7) [CLAMP] Cardcaptor Sakura vol 2 (ENGLISH)

+or buy both for $10

8) [Kaori Yuki] Neji [JAPANESE]
9) [Kaori yuki] Cruel Fairytales [JAPANESE]
10) [Kaori Yuki] Gravel Kingdom [JAPANESE]

+ or buy all three for $16

11) [Kaori Yuki] Angel Sanctuary vol 1 [ENGLISH]

12) [Minekura Kazuya] Saiyuk vol 1 [ENGLISH]


1) [CD] Sasaki Nozomu - Taste of Tears {OUT OF PRINT} $20
2) [CD] Drama CD - Tokimeki Memorial $15
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