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Sale of Doujin & Various Anime & Japanese related merchandise

Hello! I'm having a special promotion currently over at my selling journal, because I really need to get rid of my stuff. All of them are in good condition and I have positive feedback here

Things that I am currently selling include:
1) Prince of Tennis/Bleach Merchandise, Yanagi's Photobook+DVD(POT musical's former Ryoma), Howl's Moving Castle Collar Pin, FF7:AC Shoulder Sling Bag

2) Prince of Tennis (Tezuka/Fuji) Doujin, Bleach (Hitsugaya+"Team Aizen") Doujin
Special Promotion!! For every Doujin purchase, you get a bookmark free (until 20th May 2007)! The range of bookmarks:

3) Japanese related items including boot high socks, calendars etc.
All Japanese related items are currently 20% off (until 20th may 2007), and you get a free kimono patterned phone seal with every purchase! The range of seals: img_2193

So, please drop by my selling journal to look at the items! Thanks!
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