garagesaleleann (garagesaleleann) wrote in garagesalejapan,

More stuff for sale!

Today I added tons of posters and dolly items to my shop. I've been considering selling another pair of strawberry slippers if anyone is interested. Also I'm an unemployed college student right now so any money helps for groceries and bills and stuff until I can get hired somewhere ^_^;;

come check out my stuff!! garagesaleleann

p.s. If anyone has anything on my wishlist for sale I think I can get my boyfriend to buy it for me =^.^= :

  • bait pullip doll or head
  • ai yazawa stuff (except for manga)
  • japanese films (especially kurosawa or miyazaki)
  • pandapple
  • kuromi
  • hello kitty stuff
  • rozen maiden (besides dvds or manga)
  • pinky st.
  • orange range
  • korean tv dramas
  • death note (besides manga or 1st movie)
  • angelic layer stuff, espeically dvds from 3+
  • hello kitty leggings
  • strawberry leggings
  • false nails
  • various anime dvds and figurines (i like a lot of different anime)
  • suikoden figurines (besides hugo)
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