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Chemistry - Pieces of a Dream single--$5
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Chemistry - You Go Your Way single--$5
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Chemistry - YOUR NAME NEVER GONE/Now Or Never/You Got Me single--$5

~*Crystal Kay*~

Crystal Kay - Boyfriend -part II single--$5

Crystal Kay - Kiss single--$5

Crystal Kay - Koi ni Ochitara single--$5

~*Do As Infinity*~

Do As Infinity - TAO single--$6

~*Domoto Tsuyoshi*~

Domoto Tsuyoshi - MACHI / DEKIAI Logic--$5

~*Fukuyama Masaharu*~

Fukuyama Masaharu - Calling album--$7

Fukuyama Masaharu - HELLO single--$5

Fukuyama Masaharu - HEY! single [theme song for a TV Asahi Network show about the Sydney Olympics]--$5

Fukuyama Masaharu - Naitari Shinaide / Red x Blue single [first press, extra booklet, main theme for NHK's drama series "Wakaba"] ~Note: The first press booklet is supposed to be stained with yellow splotches on the front--$7

~*KinKi Kids*~

KinKi Kids - Jounetsu single--$5


L'arc~en~ciel - Ray album [limited/first press]--$16

L'arc~en~ciel - Shinshoku Lose Control single--$5

L'arc~en~ciel - Spirit Dreams Inside single--$5

This page lists the drama/tv/commercial uses for her singles. There are too many to list. ^^;;

Shela - Colorless album--$8
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Shela - Himawari single [ED theme/song for Hikaru no Go anime]--$5

Shela - Orange single--$5

Shela - Purple single--$5

Shela - Red single [ED theme song for Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ, theme song for Kimi ga oshiete kureta koto drama series, song for K-1 JAPAN K-1 BURNING 2000]--$5

Shela - Rose single--$5

~*Utada Hikaru*~

Utada Hikaru - Addicted To You single [out of print]--$6

Utada Hikaru - Automatic/Time Will Tell single--$5

Utada Hikaru - traveling single [note: this is the official, licensed, Taiwanese release]--$5


UVERworld - CHANCE! single--$7

UVERworld - D-technoLife single--$7


V6 - Dasenai Tegami/Kaze wo Ukete - Keep U goin' single [theme song and another song from Neverland drama series--$5

V6 - Orange single--$7

V6 - A Jack in the Box album [first press/limited]--$22

V6 - Super Heroes album [first press/limited]--$22

V6 - Nature Rhythm album [first press/limited]--$24

V6 - INFINITY ~LOVE & LIFE~ album [limited edition, still new and sealed]--$40

Drama/Character CDs

Aikotoba ~Password~ drama CD- Kazumi Ooya--$10

Boys in Heaven Amnesia drama CD - Kazumi Ooya--$10

CLAMP School Detectives - Love Letters mini-album [first press? w/fold-out poster/pics]--$18

Hunter x Hunter - Leorio Character CD [w/Leorio card]--$6

Kodomotachi wa Yoru no Juunin drama CD - Kouga Yun [first press? comes w/fold-out booklet of images and plastic slipcover]--$18

Saiyuki - Image Album volume 3--$8

Video Games
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories [GBA], cartridge only ***$8 shipped
New Super Mario Bros. [DS], cartridge only ***$12 shipped

Or $18 shipped for both games.

.Hack//Sign volumes 2-3 [still new and sealed]--$8 each
will include the slipcovers for the limited editions if you want them

Gintama and Sailormoon merchandise

The Gintama gashapon are still sealed and have not been assembled. The pictures include the gashapon slips that have examples of what the gashapon should look like after they've been assembled.

Gintama Real Collection - Gintoki--$8

Gintama Real Collection - Katsura Kotaro--$7

Gintama Real Collection - Takasugi Shinsuke--$7

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Magnet - Sailor Mercury--$4

Art books

Neutral by Sugisaki Yukiru--$18

Angel Cage by Kaori Yuki--$18

Manga in English:
Fruits Basket [volume 10]--$4
Duck Prince [volumes 1-3]--$13
Wallflower [volume 1]--$6
Demon Diary [volumes 1-7]--$35
FAKE [volumes 1-7]--$30

Pictures can be found in a separate entry here

Manga in Japanese and Chinese can be found in a separate entry here

Feedback can be found here.
Shipping: U.S. buyers preferred, will ship worldwide
Payment: U.S. Postal Money Order, PayPal (non-cc preferred), gift certificate, very well concealed cash
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