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11 May 2007 @ 11:17 am
[Sale] Johnny’s artist trading cards, and Prince of Tennis doujinshi  
Trading cards – 1 USD each
Kota Yabu (Ya-ya-yah)
Yu & Shingo, Yu, Subaru, Shingo (Kanjani8)
Kame, Jin, Ueda ( KAT-TUN)
Hasegawa, Kazama(Johnny’s Jr.)


Prince of Tennis Doujinshi
1.“Tennis Convention” – 10 USD
Text - Japanese

2. Fuji x Kikumaru Only – 5 USD
 Text – Japanese

Item will be shipped from Philippines
Preferred mode of payment is thru Western Union.
For questions or inquiries, you can email at kathyren_mamokhan@manulife.com or katya_alex@yahoo.com
For buyers within Philippines, I will accept peso payment to be deposited to Banco de Oro account.
I have other items for sale like second hand Japanese CDs, etc. You can view and bid in my auction.