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11 May 2007 @ 06:54 pm
Doujinshi and GSD stuff  


-The little dog of an army- "Beloved" 2 3 $25

Created by flying/Yu-ki Uehara

Pairings; Roy Mustang/Edward Elric

Special Roy/Edward only anthology. Over 100 pages!

Category: Romantic/Sweet

Gundam Wing

Yappari hataraku, oniisan!! 2 $9

Created by Maiko Hashiba/Asai Hyuga

Pairings: Duo/Quatre

Category: Gag


Cutie Honey 2 $12

Created by Akeno Nizuki/Haruka Kamimori

Pairings: Auron/Tidus. Also featuring Ject, Auron and Brasca.

Category: Gag

This is the one where Auron get's his hair put in pigtails.


Cloud Magazine 2 3 :$15

Over 100 pages of just Cloud!

Pairings: Sephiroth/Cloud Zack/Cloud

Created by Tohru Azumi/Kotobukitei/Tsukasa Hirose/El-Dorado

Category: Mixed gag/romantic

Also selling GSD Zaft deck boxes, 1 ver. Athrun (red) and 2 ver. Heine (orange). They're both metal and embossed with the Zaft logo and contain a special character card, still sealed and mint, (the red one in the photo is my own). $10 each.

And~ GSD mini-busts. $10 for colour and rare gold variant, $5 for just gold or colour version. Will upload pics if anyone is interested in them, all still sealed and with box. They are as follows:

Athrun gold and colour
Athrun colour
Auel gold
Cagalli gold
Shinn gold and colour
Sting colour
Rey gold and colour

Will ship internationally (am in UK), paypal only.

Shipping internationally by airmail usually costs no more than $10 unless you want expedited or registered mail.
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