Big Pimpin' (reppu) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Big Pimpin'

Price drop on items

Yo! I'm desperate to clean out my room before I head back off to college, so offer a price! Shipping is $1.50 for all manga and $2.00 for all DVDs (no matter how many you buy!). One exclusion; see item for details.

I accept US cash, personal check (will have to clear the bank first) and money orders. I'll ship anywhere, but keep in mind that International orders will have higher shipping. Trades for anything yaoi are welcomed!

Kino's Travels DVD 1 (art box can be included by request)
Voices of a Distant Star DVD
Please Teacher! HK version (Great subs)

Manga: Translated
Tsubasa vol.1-2
XXXHolic vol.1-2
Shonen Jump Anthology vol.1-24 (shipping is $15, no matter the price. Sorry, but it's a lot to ship)

Offers welcome. Thanks for looking!
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