odd_lies (odd_lies) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS: Knee High Converse Boots & Fushigi Yugi items

Also: Nurse doll, Gloomy Bear-ish hat, Trigun shirt and more :D

I bought two pairs, didn't wear one. These are knee high converse  boots, size 10 in womens, 8 in mens. Never worn!

Paypal only with delivery confirmation: $36.00 shipped anywhere in the US. Gotta sell these quick, going on a road trip in two weeks :]

Trigun shirt X-small/small. $4.00 shipped anywhere in the US.

Miyuki chan in Wonderland, $4.00 shipped anywhere in the US.

Nurse doll, $6.00 shipped anywhere in the US.

I also have ALL KINDS of Fushigi Yugi manga, DVDs, art books, plushies, etc.. let me knonw if you're looking for something. :]
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