what you were then i am today (nozomi_no_da) wrote in garagesalejapan,
what you were then i am today

I'm selling some anime figures (mostly Fullmetal Alchemist and Naruto), as well as Sailor Moon, Rayearth, Pokemon and signed Dragon Ball Z cards. I am also selling an Inuyasha Playstation game.

Anime Figures Lot - $3 + shipping each ($5 + shipping for "F")
These are in good condition, although a bit dusty. "F" is damaged (the Mokona is loose from the bottom of the cage), but it is easily reparable with some super glue. "A" IS SOLD.

Misc Anime Cards
Make Offers. Buy all my Sailor Moon cards (all pictured plus 2-4 more) for $15 shipped or best offer.

Inuyasha PSX Game - $10 shipped
In good condition.

Be sure to check out my selling post for more anime DVDs, manga and doujinshi.

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