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Tons of Manga for sale! And Gankutsuou DVD 1

Hello! I'm cleaning out the books from my attic, most of which are manga. I have 100% positive feedback on ebay as user Redhalos, as well as several Asian Ball Jointed doll communities under the same username, dechanique.

PAYMENT: I accept Paypal, both credit card and non credit card. I also accept money orders, personal checks and well concealed cash. I am not responsible for cash lost in the mail, and personal checks must be held until they clear.

SHIPPING: I can send it book rate (media mail) for super cheap, but I am 100% not responsible for the loss of the books or any delay caused by shipping! Shipping will be about $1 a book that way. If not, it would be Priority + Del Conf, which would be $5.10 for 1-2 books, 3 books $7.00 and anything over that will be put in a flat rate priority box, which would be $9.75. Insurance is optional. This reflects the new rates which go into effect on Monday.

Outside the USA, it's probably not worth it to ship. But if you want it, I can go to the PO and get a quote. 

All prices are negotiable. So feel free to make me an offer.


MANGA: Preference in sales go to people who will buy the whole set. But I will sell individually too.

In English:

FAKE: Volumes 1-7 COMPLETE

$5 each or $32 for the set.

Trigun: Volumes 1-2; Maximum 1-3  *Volume 2 and Max 1-3 onSOLD*

$7 each or $28 for the set.

Hellsing: Volumes 1-4

$8 each or $24 for the set. 

WISH : Volumes 1-4 COMPLETE 

$5 each or $18 for the set.

Hunter X Hunter: Volumes 1-3, 5

$5 each or $18 for the set. 

Kill me, Kiss me: Volumes 1-3

$5 each or $12 for the set.

Saiyuki: Volumes 1-2 *hold till friday*

$6 each or $10 for both.

Duck Prince: Volumes 1-2

$4 each or $7 for the set.

Ragnarok 1 $5; Juvenile Orion 1 $5; Card Captor Sakura 1 $3

No Man's Land 1 $5; Saikano 1 $8

In French

Getbackers! Volumes 1-2 *SOLD*

In Japanese

Bakuretsu (Sorcerer) Hunters! Volumes 1-13 COMPLETE

$3 each or $25 for the set


Gankutsuou DVD Volume 1:

The Geneon american release DVD of Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo. I bought this DVD at best buy one day, and when I went to pick up volume 2 on deep discount, they had come out with a DVD 1 + box set, so i bought that instead (the box is HOT). The DVD is opened, but the DVD is not scratched and it has all the inserts. $10

You can comment here or email me at nekoqueenbastet @ yahoo . com .

Thank you :)
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