Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Iris Chen

Is anyone interested in buying or if it has a lot of interest-- the highest bid:

- POISON - You Higuri : A Collection of Full Color Works (perfect condition with dust jacket, practically new) originally $30 -- Beginning at $26 with shipping included

- GOD - Bronze - Minami Ozaki (copyright 1992/ perfect condition with dustjacket) originally $20 -- Beginning at $20 with shipping included

I also have a Naruto Doujinshi -- original japanese, between kakashi x mizuki-- which I'm not in a RUSH to sell-- BUT I will let it go if anyone's willing to pay about $30 for it, shipping included.

See Pics

If you want any more info, just comment, I'll check back and answer ASAP--
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