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Goods for sale

Did a little cleaning up, and found a few things to sell off XD XD

Payment accepted: Paypal (non-cc), money order or well-concealed US$ (at your own risk)
Shipping: Items will be shipped from the US, and I'm willing to ship overseas.

Prices do not include shipping. Drop me a comment or email to goonoogsales(at)gmail(dot)com if you're interested or if you have any questions.

♥ Libre X Animate Fair Memorial Special Book (x2) - $15/$12 SOLD
One of them had a little crease at the corner when it arrived, so the lower price.
Picture (front & back)

This is a not-for-sale booklet that has been given out by Animate for the Libre fair. Inside include some comments/interviews with various sensei, but is mainly a 2007 calendar illustrated by the following sensei as shown on the covers –

Illustrator (work illustrated in booklet/other works)
Fuwa Shinri (Yebisu Celebrities/Tsumasaki ni kiss)
Yamane Ayano (Viewfinder/Crimson Spell)
Minami Haruka (SWEET/Kohitsuji hokaku keikaku, Saihate no kimi e etc.)
Tsubasa Myhoujin (sensei does mainly novel illustrations)
Nitta Youka (Boku no koe/Haru wo daiteita)
Kotobuki Tarako (SEX PISTOLS)
Zaou Taishi (novel art/Colour, Aruji no oose no mama ni, Princess Princess etc.)
Hasukawa Ai (novel art/Over reach boy)
Enjin Yamimaru (novel art/VOICE or NOISE, I can't even breathe without you etc.)
Koujima Nadzuki (Bokura no oukoku/Selfish Love)
Takanaga Hinako (Bukiyou na silent/Challengers, Little Butterfly etc.)
Nekota Yonezou (Kami-sama no ude naka de/Tsuyogari, Hidoku shinaide etc.)

♥Yamane Ayano Collection Trading Cards
(1) Regular card set - $50 (or if anyone has a better offer than this)
This set is made up of the completed 54 regular cards, and does not include the special or not-for-sale box insert cards.

--> I do have an extra set of the not-for-sale box insert cards if anyone’s looking. SOLD

Picture - Virtual List #1 & 2 Picture 2 - Virtual List #3 & 4 Picture 3 - Virtual List #5 & 6

(2) I also have extras of the following regular cards ($1 each) –
#s 4 (x2), 6, 10, 15 (x2), 16, 17, 20, 22, 23, 25, 27, 30, 34 (x2), 35, 37, 40, 41, 42, 46 (x2), 47, 49, 52 (x2), 53 & 54

♥Manga listed below is Japanese yaoi manga unless otherwise stated.
(1) Kaen - Dekiai Shiiki ~Paraphilia Syndrome~ - $4 (has slight crease at top left corner)

(2) Sakura Ashika - Adult na Kaihatsu Shitsu - $4 (has slight crease at top left corner)

(3) Kanazawa Ariko - Kami no ko ~Sevens~ #1 & 2 - $5 each

(4) Sakurai Shushushu - Love Love Labyrinth - $5

(5) CJ Michalski - Mae yori mo dare yori mo - $5

(6) Hanehara Chiyori - Osoku Saku Hana - $4 (has slight crease at top left corner)

(7) Dr. Ten - The Map of Tokyo Savage #1 & 2 - $7 each SOLD

(8) Yamada Yugi - Yarashii Hirusagari - $4 (has crease at top of cover)

(9) Higuri You - Gorgeous Carat #3 - $4

(10) Ninomiya Tomoko - Nodame Cantabile #1 (shoujo) - $2 (has minor dents at the back of cover) SOLD

(11) Kamio Yoko - Hana yori dango Kanzenban #1 (shoujo) - $10

♥Bleach - Hitsugaya Poster (B3 size) (x2) - $6 SOLD
Picture Details

♥Ouran Host Club Clear File (new) - $4 SOLD

♥Harukanaru Shitajiki - $4

♥Coasters from Animate - $1 each
Not-for-sale paper coasters (at least they look like coasters to me) gotten from Animate.

Bleach SOLD

Eyeshield SOLD

Katei Kyoushi Hitman Reborn
Picture 1 Picture 2

Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

One Piece SOLD
Picture 1 Picture 2

Pyu to Fuku! Jaguar

♥Not-for-sale promo cards (yaoi)
I got extras of these promo cards during comiket. They're about the size/quality of trading cards.

(1) Hanamachi Monogatari (x2) - $1 each SOLD

(2) Maid Hajimemashite (x2) - $1 each SOLD
This is by the same illustrator of Hanamachi & Silver Chaos.

(3) Hana ki sou - $1 SOLD

♥Watanabe Asia "The Rope Man" exchangeable manga cover - $2 ON HOLD
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
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