Mekou (mekou) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Costumes, Shoes and Wigs! All MUST be sold!!!

Hey all!

I posted up some more things I'm trying to sell and get ride of. Help out a fellow cosplayer! ^_^ *heart*

Important Note! - If you are interested in anything please provide me a working e-mail that you check regularly!!! I need to be able to make contact with you. Also, I require payment to be made within 7 days as soon as you say "I'm going to buy this." After the 7 days it will be open to the next interested person.

All ads placed on Anime Traders, but you do not have to be a member there to buy from me. Check each ad for shipping rates.


Footwear ($ = USD)

- Brown Suede Schoolgirl Loafers ($10.00)
- Light Brown Boots ($12.00)
- Metallic Blue Shoes ($10.00)

Costumes ($ = USD)

- Tenten (Naruto) Top ($7.00)
- Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII) Duster ($20.00)
- Fuu (Samurai Champloo) Costume Set ($65.00)

Wigs ($ = USD)

- Light Chestnut Brown Wig ($15.00 / REDUCED!)

Prices are negotiable, but I will not go lower than 20% of the posted price. Thanks for looking! X-posted in a bunch of places, so sorry if it comes up more than once. ^^
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