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Another sales post~ @__@

Ahhhh, it's that time of year again... my bday! As good as that may be, that means I need money @__@ so please help the soon to be bday girl out! <333 FREE GIFT WITH EACH PURCHASE!!!!!!!

Prices do not include shipping, so please give me shipping details.
Since I need money fast, I'm only accepting Paypal at this moment, sorry.

Plastic Tree poster
- Came with August 06 Shoxx
- Tape marks on the back from being hung on the wall
- $8


Homemade Lolita Head Dress - Black Style 1
- $12


Homemade Lolita Head Dress - White and Black style 1
- $10

Homemade Lolita Head Dress - White and Black style 2
- $10

Gundam Seed Destiny Newtype Complete
- Came with Feb 06 Newtype [Japanese], no missing or torn pages
- Lots of big pictures, good for art references
- $5

Newtype Feb 06 [Japanese]
- In fair condition, no missing or torn pages
- $5

Trinity Blood Issue
- Came as a special order from Newtype
- Again, it's in Japanese, but it's got lots of large pictures, which you can use for art references
- A little bent at the sides, but no missing or torn pages
- $5

For each purchase, you get a FMA flyer [shown below]!!
OR a free Jrock flyer!! [also shown below]

Also check out my sales journal,
shining_stellar !
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