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I had posted a few months ago a lil yard sale... someone wanted some of my manga... but I dont know who. So if you wanted my color Sailor Moon manga please post here.

For all things Im selling S&H will be applied after Im told where to send it and how you would like it shipped. Insurance is optional but if not insured I am not responsible. As always price is listed and I will haggle for a Best offer. But I will not sell something like my 14 manga series for 25 cents. I need $ despretly so Im letting go of some of my things.

For sale.

 Sailor Moon clock $15

  Sailor Scout Henshin pen  $1 

Sailor Moon color Manga + 1 Eva manga   All for 20$

From Far Away FULL SERIES complete vol 1-14   $42

Sailor Moon doom tree series VHS  4 tapes, MINT 
condition. in english $7 for the whole box set

Nausicaa manga all for 7$

Kero Chan plushie $3

Hello Kitty Lunchbox  7$

Sailor Moon poster  $1

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