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Make an Offer!

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Make an Offer!

Kamikaze Girls
Tokyo Babylon vol.1
Tokyo Babylon vol.3
Candidate for Goddess vol.3
Candidate for Goddess vol.4
X/1999 vol.3
B.B. Explosion vol.4
Angelic Layer vol.2 (library discard)
Angelic Layer vol.4 x2 (library discard)
Alichino vol.3 (library discard)
Fruits Basket vol.13 (library discard)
Please Save My Earth vol.3
Inu-Yasha ani-manga vol.2
Cowboy Bebop vol.1
The One I Love
Cantarella vol.1
Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind vol.2
No Need for Tenchi! vol.3
No Need for Tenchi! vol.5
No Need for Tenchi! vol.7
Magic Knight Rayearth vol.1 (library discard)

Shipping is $2 per book via Media Mail to US only. I take paypal, concealed cash, and money orders (cash & mo at your own risk!). Please comment if your interested or have any questions.

I also have a huge amount of jpop & jrock cds for sale at this entry here.
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