cathy. (yumemusubi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

写真集 Photo Albums SPEED/Matsu Takako

Selling off limited edition photo albums of Matsu Takako and SPEED for any interested fans. Please reply here with contact information. I accept paypal only.. Shipping from Vancouver, Canada. Selling until May 28, 2007. S&H is to US states only.

四月物語 APRIL FRONT 松たか子 Matsu Takako $26.50 CAD with S&H and paypal fees included
GOOD condition-really nice pictures from the movie April Front.
Slight wear on bottom right hand corner and rip top right hand corner of outside cover.

SPEED in Andromedia アンドロメディア $20.50 with S&H and paypal fees included
Excellent condition 
Photo Album of past SPEED group in movie Andromedia. 

Pictures under cut. 


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