kel (kelly_cat) wrote in garagesalejapan,

i need money!

For Sale:
Please Save My Earth Manga 1-21
Please Save My Earth artbook
Dolis Manga
Gokinjo Monogatari manga
Neon Genesis Evangelion Figures (6 in total)
Chobits figures
Wedding Peach Figure

I accept Paypal, and Money Orders.
I have ebay feedback under vegita1997, and kellycat001.

If you don't like the prices, please make offers  :)

Please Save My Earth manga 1-21 (complete set).
$140 shipped (or best offer)

Please Save My Earth artbook
$12 shipped

Gokinjo Mongatari manga volume 2, 3, 4, 6, 7.
$20 shipped for the set

Rei and Asuka figure, play music.  The Asuka figure is coming unglued
Rei - $13 shipped
Asuka - $10 shipped

Mini Rei figures
$5 shipped each

More Rei figures!
$8 shipped each

Chobits figure, came in the Tokyopop Chobits manga box
$10 shipped

Wedding Peach figure.  Its really old, and her skirt is dusty.
$17 shipped

Dolis manga
$7 shipped

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