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Emergency Car Monies ~_~

Hullo, everyone! My poor Hakkai(my car) blew a head gasket while I was up at home and it'll be around $700-1000 to repair...therefore I have a some wonderful things to sell to you all! I accept paypal, money order, check(there's a holding time for it to clear~_~), and concealed cash. There's:

A Hello Kitty stuffed animal for $5, a HK mini gumball machine with gum at $2, and 3 votive candle holders(1 red flower, 2 purple) for $2/ea or 3/$4.50

For the Kana fans out there here's her first CD with sticker $20

Anime VHSs($2/ea or 3/$5)...yeah I'm old like that ^_^ and DVDs($4/ea or 3/10)
VHSs- Cardcaptor Sakura vol 1-3(subbed), I'm Gonna be an Angel!(new), Kimera, Maps 1&2, Street fighter 2V(random volumes), Sorcerer Hunters: Spell Wars 1-4compelete
DVDs- GTO 1, Yu-Gi-Oh 1 uncut, Dragonball Z Tree of Might and Dead Zone, and Excel Saga 2&4

Three random volumes of Animerica $3/ea or 3/$7 and 7 volumes of Shoujo Beat from 7/05, 8/05, 9/05, 11/05, 12/05, 1/06, and 2/06 also $3/ea or 3/$7 (can mix and match these i.e. 1animerica&2shoujo for $7)

3 Japanese Manga(one yaoi-ish?) and a yaoi Chinese manga $4/ea

Manga! $3/ea or 4/$10 unless noted:
Cafe Kichijouji and Antique Bakery(both yaoi and $4/ea), Shirahime-Syo(hardcover $9) Alichino 1, Excel Saga 1-5, DN Angel 10, Imadoki 1-2, Fullmetal alchemist 5,10, Comic Party Party Time 1, Comic Party Another Round 2, Samurai Deeper Kyo 1, Onegai Teacher 2, GTO 1, Between the Sheets(mature), Confidential Confessions(sticker damage on binding $2), The Rising Stars of Manga 1, Baby Rebirth 1, Happy Mania 1&2(mature), Trigun Maximum 1, Peach Girl(1st press $5), and the last 4 are the Japanese and Chinese ones above

Wallscrolls $9/ea(includes pricing for tube):
X/1999 Kamui&Fuuma

Dragonball Z Trunks&Cell

King of Fighters Iori&Kyo

Last but not least, the doujinshi's $12 each:
Fullmetal Alchemist 'Under the Sun'

Fullmetal Alchemist 'Angelfish no...something'

Naruto KakashixSasuke pairing

Final Fantasy VII 'Jenova Project Disk 2'

And that's it. Prices for shipping depends on where ya are compared to me. Gimme location and I'll let you know how much.

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