G A R N E T S T ☆ R (garnetstxr) wrote in garagesalejapan,
G A R N E T S T ☆ R

new jrock magazines & jrock revolution tickets for sale!

[Hévn vol 25 . Neo genesis vol 11 . Rock and Read vol 013]
click on thumbnail for more pictures and details!

Also, if anyone is going to Jrock Revolution (Los Angeles, CA. May 25~26) and needs a ticket, a friend of mine is selling two tickets:
1 ticket FRIDAY NIGHT [Vidoll, Alice nine, Kagrra, Miyavi, Duel Jewel] - Mezanene (2nd floor)
1 ticket SATURDAY NIGHT [Mucc, Girugamesh, Merry, DéspairsRay] - General Admission (1st floor)

She is only asking for what she paid for them which was $35 + $11 (for ticketing service fee)= $46 each.
note: tickets for the two-day pass and the Friday night tickets are SOLD OUT. Saturday night General Admission Floor tickets are also sold out. This is a good deal, guys! Don't be ripped off on eBay! :x
If you're interested in buying the tickets, please contact Kat at chibitatto@hotmail.com.
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