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16 May 2007 @ 06:42 pm
I m selling NEWS's stuff, since i m taking all those from the magazines i brought, there might be a few page missing because they have those photo double sided, which means there might be something i want to keep too.

I accept concealed U.S. dollars only!!![on your own risk]
I also, can accept U.S. Postal Money Order

once you comment, and i contact with you through e-mail.  i will put on hold for you for 2 full weeks, [16days] if i don't get the money in these period, i will conceal your order.

I will ship all over the world, so that i will not conclude the shipping and handling fee in the amount i m offering.

Johnny's Entertainment Merchandise

NEWS - all those pages are from Myojo, Potato, Duet, Kindai, Wink Up