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3X3 Eyes Manga 1 $5.00
2 $5.00
3 $5.00
4 $5.00
5 $5.00
6 $5.00
Please Save My Earth Manga 1 $4.00
2 $4.00
3 $4.00
4 $4.00
5 $4.00
7 $4.00
Record of Lodoss War Manga Title:Honoo no Majin 1 $5.00
2 $5.00
Sorcerous Stabber Orphen Manga 2 $4.00
3 $4.00
Star Ocean 2 Manga 4 $4.00
Saiyuki Reload (English!) 1 $10.00
2 $10.00
Star Ocean 2 -4 Panel Coma Manga- 2 $6.00
4 $8.50
5 $8.50
8 $8.50
9 $8.50
Utena Manga 1 $4.00
2 $4.00


Gundam Wing Anthology (Rare Rapport Comics Booklet) (Doujinshi Collection: GAGs) $12.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Anthology: Spirits Dance (Doujinshi collection: YAOI) 1 $15.00
Yu Yu Hakusho Anthology: Psychic Syndrome (Doujinshi collection: YAOI) $10.50

Compact Disks

Two Mix Fantastix II Sold
Two Mix Baroque Best $22.00
Weiss Kreuz TV Animation Soundtrack $22.00
X Original Soundtrack $20.00
Two Mix: BPM Dance Infinity Single $6.00
Two Mix: Two>(Re)Mix Single $6.00
Two Mix: Just Communication (Gundam Wing OP Single) $8.00
Two Mix: Beat of Destiny Single $8.00
Two Mix: Time Distortion Single $8.00
Megumi Hayashibara: Proof of Myself Single (Saber Marionette J to X OP) $8.00
Naomi Tamura Magic Knight Rayearth OP 1 $8.00


Fushigi Yuugi Bandana $20.00
Fushigi Yuugi NoteBook (Group Picture) $10.00
Fushigi Yuugi Pen (5 different colors) $3.00
Fushigi Yuugi Clips (Set of 3 with SD Characters) $12.00

Another update to the sales list with new prices. Feel free to bargain if you want. If you want to see an image, feel free to ask. I'll be happy to accomodate certain budgets and so forth :D

Note 01: All singles have a plastic casing outside, which was originally not there. So all of the singles are in excellent condition, no rips or tears to the paper coverings. The Two Mix (re)mix and BPM singles already have cases and the Remix one has a minor crack to the front of the case. Both cases have minor scuff marks here and there because of travel.

Note 02: All mangas are in japanese and in excellent condition. The only English translated mangas up for sale is the Saiyuki Reload one. These two books are translated by a singapore company an the translations stick very close to the scanlated ones online. However, sound FXs are not translated and are left in Japanese.

Note 03: The FY pen, which comes with five colors, has no flow of ink whatsoever XD; I'm not sure if it's really just stuck or it's totally dry. I've never used it once in my life (I collect, I dont use them LOL). On the other hand, it seems to be refillable... They're just regular ball-point pen sticks so I think anyone would be able to find refills... I think.

Thank you! More items will be posted up for sale! I just need some time to find them LOL. Questions? E-mail me at mochister -at- :D
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