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My husband and I are moving at the end on the month, and are trying to cut down on packing. I used to work at a bookstore, so I have waaaay to much manga/anime/magazines/etc and need to get rid of them. Prices are very cheap, and feel free to make me an offer! I have a fair amount of positive feedback on the lolita database, HERE My ebay feedback is located: HERE. Paypal preferred, cc paypal splits the 4% fee with me. I do ship overseas, just ask for a shipping quote. be warned, USPS just upped its shipping fees, so they will be higher than you have been used to. Sorry. :(

Japanese Fashion Furoku
Peace Now Patch; 
2.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Stigmata Stationery set (X2)

BRAND NEW Japanese College Level Textbook
I ended up with two of these (the one I ordered on line came too late) Thse retail between 110.00-135.00 and it is still brand new, never used. CD is still in its package. This is Nakama Volume 1 Communication, Culture, and Context. COmes with the World Language CDROM, Textbook, and Workbook. ISBN:0-618-135723 (this is the ISBN for the complete set, they do sell separately under different #s)
90.00 shipped anywhere in the US


FLCL special Boxset with volumes 1 and 3 ON HOLD
(The volumes were sold separately, and I never got around to buying volume #2. The box has some torn paper in the upper left hand corner. See HERE.)
15.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Individual Dvd's 7.50 each, shipping included
(all these are region 1, official releases) 
Cowboy Bebop Volume #1
Witch Hunter Robin Volume #1
Love Hina Volumes #1 and #2
Soul Taker Volume #1
S-cry-ed Volume #1

Anime/Gaming Soundtracks 7.50 shipped anywhere in the US
(All these are official US release Cd's)
Resident Evil 2 OST
Excel Saga Great Soundtrack Experiment 2
FLCL OST and Drama CD Volume 2
Tenjho Tenge Great Disc. 1
The End of Evangelion

MANGA/Anime Novelizations
5.00 shipped anywhere in the US unless noted
Star Wars Manga: A new Hope Volume #2 &3
Hot Gimmick Volume #1 & 3
.hack//Legend of the Twilight Volume #1
Chicago: Book of Self
Chicago: Book of Justice
Kodocha Volume #1 & 2
A perfect Day for Love Letters Volume #1 & 2
Comic Party; Another Round #2
The World Exists for Me Volume #1
Tokyo Mew Mew entire series (Volumes #1-7)
MARS Volumes 1-4, 6-8, 10, 12, 13 &14 (Volume 14 on Hold)
Gyo Volume #1
Onegai teacher Novelization
Onegai twins Novelization #1 & 2 
2 Random Pokemon Graphic Novels

Special Boxed Set Card Captor Sakura (the first series, not Master of the Clow)
#1 has volumes 1-3 and #2 Has volumes 4-6. All issues still have the clow card inserts attached.
16.50 shipped anywhere in the US, 31.00 shipped anywhere in the US for both sets
picture of my collection:

Random Japanese Books:
Japanese Saint Tail Children's Book 5.00 shipped anywhere in the US
How to Draw Manga Book (warning, this is NC-17, so please use reservation when buying this. I didn't know it was going to be so graphic when I bought it. ^_^ ) 10.00 shipped anywhere in the US

FASHION MOOKS and Magazines
Bodyline Catalog
3.00 shipped anywhere in the US

(As pictured top left to lower right
Gothic and Lolita Crafts Book
This is a smaller book of many of the most popular crafts in the GLBs over the years. It is really handy to have them all in one compact book, and it is easy to understand even if you don't speak Japanese, as there are lots of photos and diagrams. SEE HERE. 
16 styles of headdresses/mini-hats bows and other hair acessories
8 different jewelry pieces
2 bags and a stuffed gothic lolita rabbit plushie
a mini tie, an eye patch, and a neck cuff
as for "room stuff" there are only 4 things:
a pillow, a candle, a box, and a bottle.
12.50 shipped anywhere in the US

Japanese EGL and Punk Brand Mooks #3 and #4
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Gothic and Lolita Bibles #21, 22, and 24 (24 on Hold)
All of these are brand new with all the extras (pattern, stickers, postcards and whatever depending on the issue. They all have patterns.)
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Clara Bow Volume #1 with Pattern and mini catalog
Has great Japanese brands not usually in the regular Gothic Lolita Bibles or Gosu Rori

20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Clara bow Volume #2 with miniature catalog
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Tohru Honda Cosplay Costume
Size S-M top is loose, fits up to a 36-37" bust comfortably, skirt will fit up to a 28-29" waist.
Good used condition, has a bit of a hair color stain inside the collar, but it is not visible when worn.
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
Picture of it worn at AI 2006 (if you are interested in the Kyo plushie, it is alsp available!)

Pink Emily Temple Cute cutsew
size Small to Medium
20.00 shipped anywhere in the US
emily temple cute cutsew
Lace and collar detail
Sleeve cuffs

New With Tags Metamorphose Spring Cherry One Piece
Waist 32"
Bust 36" unstretched (has shirring in front)
length 34"
75.00 shipped anywhere
This dress has never been worn, only tried on by me and a few of my friends. It is bust friendy, but will be too short for anyone taller than 5'5" or so. It has plenty of room for a big petticoat, and the blue ribbon and flower brooch is removable. Comes with a detached blue underskirt.

It looks far better on a person than hanging up, so here is a picture of me modeling it. The dress is longer than it appears, The auto timer went off earlier than expected, so I am sticking my tummy out and the underskirt is showing. My apologies.
skirt detail:
top detail

Moi Meme Moitie long sleeved Black Blouse
Wonderful quality lace, this goes great under a JSK, since the front is simple, and makes for a smooth, clean line
60.00 shipped anywhere in the US
bust 35" max
lace detail and tag:

MMM Blouse

New With Tags Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Red Riding Hood Socks ON HOLD
Still in the Package, I bought these for 35.00
30.00 shipped anywhere in the US

Lolita Collar
Perfect way to lolify a simple t-shirt
7.00 shipped anywhere in the US


Shojo Beat Magazines 2.00 an issue, shipping not included (media rate if in the US)
I have a bunch of these including the preview issue and the first 6 issues.
Preview issue
JULY 2005
December 2005
January 2006
February 2006
March 2006
June 2006
July 2006 (never read, still in package) 2.50 for this one, sorry
December 2006
January 2007

Thanks for looking!

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