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Hello everyone. Like most people around here, I'm moving at the end of July, so I have manga and anime and game collectibles up for sale. HOWEVER, I LOVE TRADING. I'll be happy to send my items first if you have feedback on Livejournal. =)

Star Ocean 2 "TREASURE 1" Artbook

Star Ocean 3 Cliff Fitter Statue

Star Ocean EX DVD 6 (the final one)

Final Fantasy Doujinshi (featuring Aerith)
Digimon Doujinshi (featuring Yamato or Jou)
Star Ocean 2 Doujinshi (featuring Opera or Leon)

Final Fantasy Chronicles Strategy Guide
Final Fantasy Origins Strategy Guide

Fatal Frame III for the PS2
Tales of Destiny for the PSX
Tales of Destiny II for the PSX
Magic Knight Rayearth for the Sega Saturn (Umi disc)
Disgea for the PS2

My camera is down because I lost the drivers for it, but hopefully I'll find the disc soon. In the meantime, I have 100% positive feedback (100+ combined on Ebay as katvara and Livejournal under angelchansales

I've decided I'll sell to the US, Canada, and UK, only because I really want these items gone.

BEST OFFER OR TRADES on everything! Most items are NEW OR SEALED!

I'll take Paypal (US, Canada, UK), and money orders (US only)

Here is what is availible. Some items I do have pictures of, so feel free to inquire. I've got auto-reply so when I'm online I can reply to your comments straight away.

Everything for Sale by Series (Includes, figures, cds, video games, doujinshi, keychains, guidebooks, and more~)

.hack//legend of the twilight english manga Complete set. Never read.

Ark Angels english manga Volume 1. Never read.

Serge Squaresoft Keychain Looks new, out of plastic.

Assorted Keychains (Agumon/Greymon, Piyomon/Birdramon, & Palmon/Togemon) These are sealed with tags inside plastic.

Digimon Soft Lunchbox Never used. Features Agumon, Gabumon on the front with a Tsunomon keychain.

Taito Doujinshi *soft yaoi / fluff* (very good condition)

Jealous Shinigami Figure Sealed in box. Only availible in Japan with pre-order DVDs.

Raito / Light Yagami Figure Not sealed. Complete with stand and box, all original inserts. Display only.

Chinese Manga vol 1 Chinese Death Note manga, the first volume. Never read.

Death Note Uchiwa Fan Features Light and L. Sealed in plastic.

Cloud Strife Statue by Kotobukiya (Includes original box and foam, display only, complete)

Final Fantasy VII Original Soundtrack / OST (Includes original box and book, only 3/4 discs, complete) This item is FREE to anyone who gets something from this post!

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* (very good condition, non-explicit, angsty with gag at the end)

Doujinshi *DONA DONA* (CloudxAerith) (very good condition, non-explicit, all character gag)

Rinoa Heartilly Figurines *Bandai, Trading Arts, and Gashapon availible* All are opened, like-new and complete minus boxes. All are Japanese edition.

Selphie Tilmitt Figurines *Bandai and Gashapon* (display only, no boxes, complete with weapons and stands)

Kiros Seagull *Gashapon* Same condition as above figures.

Rinoa's Dog Angelo Same condition as above figures.

Sorceress Edea / Matron Keychain *sealed on tag* (no wear, never used)

Final Fantasy VIII Playstation Game *greatest hits* (complete with case, working discs, and both booklets)

Final Fantasy VIII Bradygames Strategy Guide Book (has some wear on the spine. All pages intact.

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* (very good condition, non-explicit, all character gag)

Garnet Til Alexandros UFO Catcher Plush (No tag, good condition. Out of Print.)

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* Hentai/Yuri by Crimson Comics Circle (very good condition, hard yuri, RikkuxYuna, RikkuxLulu, RikkuxTentacles)

Doujinshi *Japanese Title* Soft Yaoi (very good condition, soft yaoi, AuronxTidus)

Final Fantasy XI for the PC (Registration Code never used, discs never used, only opened to view booklets. Includes Rise of the Zilart Expansion)

Final Fantasy Tactics Playstation Game *BLACK label* (complete with case, working disc, and manual)

Arena37c Magazine October 2005 (very good condition, Diablos era, features Gackt, L'Arc~en~ciel, miyavi, Dir En Grey, RAIN, and TM Revolution)

R-1 DVD Box Set (shitakiki sold seperately. Contains Volumes 1-4 *complete*) (Box has some water damage at top corner, hardly noticable. No Haibane Hakusho.)

Rakka double sided shitajiki (Never used. New. Only included with US disc first pressings.)

How to Draw Manga (Has shelf wear.)

Judas Manga English Manga Volume 1 (Never read.)

Kingdom Hearts 1 English Manga Box Set (Read once. Complete 4 volumes with box.)

Yoshitoshi ABe Illustrations: ab# rebuild an Omnipresence in the Wired Artbook (Japanese edition w/free poster from English edition included. Flipped through a few times.)

Lunar: The Silver Star *Sega CD game by Working Designs (out of business). Out of print.*(Complete with manual, original case and inserts, flawless game disc.) FREE instructions for emulator.

Lunar: Genesis / Dragon Song / DS *complete* (Barely played.)

English Manga 1, 2, 3, and 10 (Never read. 10 has a tear in the cover.)

Sasuke Uchiha Keychain (Used. Has some slight wear, but nothing really noticable.)

Naruto Hidden Leaf Village Wristband (New with tag, never worn.)

End of Evangelion Mousepad and Post Card Set (Never used. No creases or stains at all.)

Asuka Langely Souryu Neon Genesis Evangelion Gashapon (Sundress, new in plastic)

Parasite Eve II Bradygames Strategy Guide (Has some wear, no stains, nothing falling out or torn.)

Priest Manga English Manga Volume 1 & 2 (Never read.)

Resident Evil DVD Used. Has a rental sticker on it. Plays great!

Star Ocean 2 / EX Shitajiki *Claude/Girls, Claude/Claude, and Claude/Rena availible* (First pressing EX DVD bonuses.)

Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time Bradygames Strategy Guide (Has some shelf wear. Heavy book!)

Secret of Evermore Cart only, but looks brand new. No damage to label, plays like it was bought today.

R1 DVD Box + Ichise shitajiki + Volume 1, 2 (Like new condition. Watched disc one!) (feel free to inquire about splitting up this set)

Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube *Player's Choice* (Complete, really good condition. Rare game!)

Tales of Symphonia for Gamecube *Bradygames Strategy Guide* (Like new.)

Witch Hunter Robin Pin Set *DVD promo, One group pin only + coffin case*

Kiba Plushie *DVD promo, out of plastic, looks new*

Xenosaga Episode II PS2 Game *sealed in plastic and factory sealed! Completely new!*

There are also images of some of these items and previous asking prices at:
Everything is BEST OFFER at the moment.

Comment here or in the Sales Journal OR Email me at: INSANEscoot13 AT AOL DOT COM
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