Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano (emiwenis) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Cool to the touch but underneath youre all volcano

Deadly Claris dir en grey calendar posters. most of them are there, not all though. pinholes through the white parts on top, not through the pictures.

A shitload of indies flyers from japan, including duele quartz and mucc stuff, among others:

duele quartz plastic bag i got from like an edison in japan:

Blast CD, kurotta kajitsu:

Psycho le Cemu fanclub magazine Kronos, the first issue, #00, with a STRAWBERRY PSYCHO LE CEMU CONDOM:

noir fleurir stuff - a VHS (i think it's live stuff) which came with an actual magic marker autographed photo of the band, Omocha no Miisha PV VHS, and a Millenium album including a working clock:

Orivia album:

Shingo mama no Gakuen Tengoku maxi single:

Entire complete set of japanese Chobits manga. I bought these in japan.

First 10 volumes of Japanese Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles manga:

an Animage magazine with a large feature on Chobits:

Blush magazine (in english, about old school visual kei):

August 2002 Kera:

December 2001 Kera:

July 2002 KERA:

Mamotte Shugogetten manga, volume 1:

Issue of shoxx featuring psycho le cemu:

Sukisho manga, really cute:

give me reasonable offers, we'll negotiate.
i would prefer to sell things in the complete sets they are in already, if applicable.
i can't write descriptions about the stuff right now, if you can't tell what it is, ask.

you pay shipping (from southern cali)
paypal only.
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