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Hi, I'm looking to sell a few things.
I'm located in the US, and all prices are in USD. I prefer Paypal, but I will accept money orders from the US. Shipping isn't included, and will be based on your zipcode/location.
I have feedback at both blacknberry and Ebay as erin1544.

Good Condition. $5 Each:

Bleach: Vol. 4
Card Captor Sakura (Tokyo Pop Edition: Vol. 1
Card Captor Sakura (Mixzine Edition): Vol. 2
Here is Greenwood: Vols. 1, 2
Kare Kano: Vol. 1
Othello: Vol. 3
Paradise Kiss: Vol. 1
Samurai Champloo: Vol. 1
Shichinin Nana/Seven of Seven: Vol. 1
Suikoden: Vol. 2
Tsubasa: Vol. 1
Ultra Maniac: Vol. 2
Under the Glass Moon: Vol. 1

Okay Condition. $3 Each:

Chobits: Vol. 1
Confidential Confessions: Vol. 2
Great Teacher Onizuka: Vol. 1
Candidate for Goddess: Vol. 1
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Vols. 1, 2, 4

$5 each.

Animation Runner Kurumi
Nadia The Secret of Blue Water: The Adventure Begins
Socerer Hunters: Magical Battles
Sorcer Hunters: Magical Contests

Serial Experiments: Lain OST - $5, Scratched, but still works.

Kamikaze Girls $13
Only watched once and immediately returned to case.

Metamorphose Princess Headdress - $25 (Only worn once.)


Chobits Pins - $5 (Never been opened.)

Digi Charat Shitajiki - $5 for both (There's a slight bend in the corner of one.)

Hello Kitty Drawstring Pouch - $5


Sont D-EJ100 Walkman w/Headphones - $13 (Used. Plays burned CDs.))

Thanks for looking! You can contact me here or at abelerowan (at) gmail (dot) com if you have any questions. =D

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