Dev (deverilin) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Yamane Ayano Clear File Pre-order & Naono Bohra/Higuri You Doujinshi Order - OPEN!

Hi everyone!

I am placing a pre-order for a Yamane Ayano 'Finder no Hyouteki' clear file (on sale 21/06) thru a deputy service in Japan and I thought I'd open it out to anyone else who may be interested... The deadline for this is 21/05. XD

( I wanna see how it looks like! )

And as I do on all weekends (online shopping), I've found yet more stuff to buy - original doujinshi from Naono Bohra (Hada no Ue ni Furu Hana) and Higuri You (Higuri no Moetsubo Vol.2). As above, these items will be ordered thru a deputy service and the deadline, 21/05.

( And this too! )
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