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20 May 2007 @ 08:33 pm
Items for Sale! Some rare Anime / Manga Stuff  
Please help me clear out some of my junk!

I have up for offers, a complete set of Libre Fair clear files here!

Single clear files, yaoi postcards, youka nitta artbook and more up for sale here!

Trading cards from Yamane Ayano and Youka Nitta collections, Gakuen Heaven, Loveless, Ouran and more for trade/sale here!

Lots of shitajiki / pencil boards from various series including Loveless, and many CLAMP series (Tokyo Babylon, X/1999) here!

Rare Xxxholic/Tsubasa Reservoir (Manga style) calendar available here! <--Also have keychains, stickers etc from CLAMP, NANA, Princess Princess and Ouran.

Please check out my Selling Journal </a></b></a>sawwie_chan for details on how to go about requesting items.