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20 May 2007 @ 05:36 am
Everything in my journal must go! I'm moving this Summer and can't take too much with me. I even lowered the price of some items!

My journal has much anime and manga!
-Fushigi Yugi
-Sailor Moon
-Cardcaptor Sakura
-Final Fantasy
-and Rurouni Kenshin

-Faeries' Landing
-and Battle Angel Alita

I also have toys, books on Japan, and other items! (SHOXX MAGAZINES FOR SALE!). A FEW DOUBLE-SIDED ANIME POSTERS WERE ADDED.

Shoxx List:

Phantasmagoria autographed photoset is back up for sale!

There's also two english versions of the Orkus magazine in my journal~ Both have an interview with Mana (Moi dix Mois)!

Please come and have a look ♥ Be sure to read the introduction post.

lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale lolitarosesale

Please don't reply to this entry for items.