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21 May 2007 @ 10:04 pm
Seeking fast a School bag from Japan. One that is black, square and is kinda like a bref case. Used in Japanese highschools * or like the one in tenchi muyo*
My old one has just broke and I need it for my lesson plans and study guides and everything!
Its the required bag at the school and the one I did buy was from Japan, and I can not find one in the location Im currently in !
If anyone can either find me a link, or have any info on where I can get a bag leme know! I just need one by the end of June befor eschool starts back for the summer !

Will NOT pay over 45 $ for the bag. Thats how much they run for. So I know if you over price me =e.e=...
Reply to this add or go to my LJ and leave a coment or anything helpeful ! THANKS!