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Magazines, Manga, Psycho le Cemu shirt & More!

Hello, I really need some money right now, so here is the first part of my mega clean house selling!

NewType USA August 2006
I read one article out of this then put it back in it's plastic. Comes with a DVD that has a few premier anime episodes as well as a few series previews. Also includes a pull out poster, which is still attached. Great condition. $6

Cure May 2006 Vol.32
This was briefly flipped through. Features Bis (and a nice chunk of h.Naoto). Also has Phantasmagoria, D & more. Comes with a poster (pictured) which has never been hung up and was only unfolded once for the picture. Great condition. $8

Shoxx October 2006 Vol.164
Featuring Miyavi with lots of full page pictures. Also has Alice nine, Kagrra, Plastic Tree, Uruha (of The GazettE) & more. Poster not included. This has been looked through a few times but is still in great condition since I kept it in it's plastic. $10

Cheeky Angel vol 12. Never read. $5
SOS. Never Read. $5
Tuxedo Gin vol 3. Never Read $5
Naruto vol 10. Never Read. $5
Yugioh vol 7. A little beat up. $3
Yugioh vol 4. A little beat up. $3
Boys Over Flower vol 15. Never Read. $5

Psycho le Cemu Tour t-shirt
From their Psycho-logy 2005 tour. This was seek's themed t-Shirt. Brand new, never worn. $12

Bought New from Tokyo Gems on eBay. Size Medium. I love this but it just doesn't fit me. It was tried on about 4 times. It's made from a synthetic leather look material and has no boning so it is very flexible. It zips then buckles on the front and laces up the back and has plenty of studs. It is strapless, the straps in the picture is my shirt I'm wearing underneath. Great for Visual Kei styles or even Goth or Punk. I paid over $30 for it. I'm selling it for $20

Cute little fuzzy leopard print wrap/shawl. Nice and soft. The inside is lined with pink fleece to keep you warm. Closes with two heavy duty hook & eyes. So cute! I have nothing to coordinate with it, sadly. I only wore it about twice. please give it a good home! $5

Candy corn print leggings. Worn a few times, very slightly faded from the wash. Very stretchy. Child size 14 but I am a juniors 5 in pants and they fit me great, I just wouldn't go above that size. Cute for Halloween, or whenever you're yearning for it. $3

Neon pink belt and a hot pink headband. The belt has been worn a bit. The headband is new.
Belt: $3
Headband: $1

Pretty Cure hard candies
The boxes have been opened but the candies have not. The candies are each wraped individually with a charter on each one, then sealed in a larger plastic bag. I bought these for the cell phone charm they came with. One cell phone charm is included but it has been used but it is still in good condition. It the one circled in the second picture. $5 for both or $2 each & $1 for the charm.

Bis poster. Previously hung up with regular tape so there are no holes. $3

All prices are in USD
Shipping is NOT included in the price
I accept Paypal & US Money Orders(at your own risk)

Although I've never had any problems with uninsured packages, I am not responsible if they get lost in the mail. Any items can be shipped with insurance upon request(additional fee).
Due to postal rate changes, shipping will be a little more expensive than in the past months.

I have feedback at my journal here, and at loligoth_dbs

Please ask me any questions you have! If you think a price is too high, make me an offer and I may consider it. Thank you for looking!
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