sylvia. (sylviarr) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Jrock + anime stuffs

I'm sorta tired, so I don't feel like taking pics. >>; Feel free to ask for them and I will take them though.

Dir en grey - Saku (with postcard...first press?) - $10
Arena37*C June 2004 (Gackt cover, no poster) - $10

Fool's Mate May 2004 (Dir en grey cover) - $10
Fool's Mate June 2004 (baroque cover) - $10
Gackt - The Sixth Day - $25

Kodomo no Omocha (japanese version) V9 & 10 - $5 each.
Official Naruto headband - $40

Shipping within the US is $4. Not sure about international.

[Non-credit card] Paypal preferred. Also accept concealed cash and postal money orders.

plastic_garden - I'm sorry I haven't IM'd you. Since the money never arrived, just um, keep the poster. I'm sorry. Mabye I can re-send the money later. ^^; (Trying to get some money for Katsucon right now.)

ibitsu - Still interested in galyuu?
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