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Chinese manga...

...for sale ^^

D.N.Angel by Sugisaki Yukiru: volumes 1 to 3

Gravitation by Murakami Maki: volumes 1 to 5

X by CLAMP: volumes 1 to 16

The Gravitation and X manga are covered with a removable plastic slip cover, which is in good condition (except for those one X vol. 1 and Gravitation vol. 4).

All the books are in Chinese language and are in really good condition. :)

Each book is US4, but if you buy several books or a complete set, I can reduce the price! :D As for shipping, it depends on where you live and which shipping method you prefer. ^^

I accept PayPal, money orders or well concealed cash through mail.

Thank you! <3

I'd also like to know whether anyone is interested in buying some French manga... I'm trying to get rid of some of mine, but I don't know if anyone in this community would buy them, so I'm asking. ;)
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