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Manga sale

As with every one else I need money and space, as such, im selling this manga. Its all 7.00 CAD NOT INCLUDING SHIPPING unless otherwise stated.

Also in new to this whole selling over the internet thing so for the price of shipping youll just have to tell me what your interested in and where abouts you live and by the next day I can get a price from the post office. But if thats not fast enuf for you, you can maybe get a ruff price from here maybe...

all the manga is in very good condition.


Fruits basket:vol 1
Samurai Deeper kyo:vol 3,4,5
Crescent moon:vol 2
Eternity:vol 1
PetShop of horrors:vol 6
Hands off:vol 1,2,3
The Prince Of tennis:vol 1,2
Liling Po:vol 1
Fake:vol 3,7
Eyeshield 21:vol 1
Eerie Queerie:vol 1
Here is Greenwood:vol 1,2
Gadirok:vol 1,2
Inu-yasha:vol 16
Lament of the Lamb:vol 2
Juvenile Orion:vol 1
GetBackers:vol 7,8
Selfish Love: vol 2-------10.00$


GetBackers:vol 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,14,15
HunterxHunter vol: 2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
The ravages of time:vol 1
Berserk:vol 1
GensosuikodenII the successor of Fate:vol 1,2
LoveHina Handbook thingy with a couple color pages and stickers----10.00$
Dragon Ball GT book with a couple color pages and stickers----10.00$

I except paypal, money orders and concealed cash at our own risk and all that jazz.
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