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Selling out of print Gazette photocards!!

Today, my friend got an out of print Gazette photoset [I did ask her to order me some] but it just so happens that her mother [who order the pics] forgot to order Reita pics [@__@ sorry about that, Reita fans @__@] Anyways, I ordered three sets [all missing Reita T^T] (I'm keeping one set), so I'm selling them separately, so you can just get one of your favourite member.

I accept Paypal and concealed cash if you are in Canada.

[click to enlarge]

So if you would like one, please state which one you want. As of now, there is two of everything left except Kai and Uruha, which there are one only.
They are $5 each, not including shipping. It is this price due to the fact that they are out of print.
Please also leave your province [if in Canada], state [if in US], and country [others] so I can calculate shipping. Thanks ^_^

Using this form:
I want a photocard of: [insert member name here]
Please ship to: [insert province/state/country here]
I want to pay using: [insert method of payment here]
I would also like to mention: [insert any other comments here]

x-posted everywhere I can, sorry for repeats on your friend's page >_<
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