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Yuu Watase Furoku & Merchandise (Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, & ETC)

I am seling some stuff from Yuu Watase Manga & Anime Series. Everything has a set price or I will accept best offer if more than one person is interested in a particular item. Alot of these items are out of print or from Sho-comi and are more than just a few years old. Please comment or send me an e-mail at If you are interested anything or comment. :D thank you!

If i get anything else in stock I will be updating my sales journal _supersloth_or putting stuff up on ebay. I should have some extra back issues of Perfect World by the end of June.


This stationary set comes with three sheets and three frosted envelopes. Envelopes are very flimsy. I went ahead and scanned in the ad for this from the front cover of Sho-comi that it came in. :D

Stationary fold up letter

$1.25 *ON HOLD*
Eraser, new unused. Also says Ayashi no Ceres on the side as well.

Ayashi no Ceres stickers

(2 available)Imadoki stationary envelopes. These came with a set but I ended up with extras from a lot of furoku I bought.

Ayashi no Ceres memo pad. This is very cute! The inside also has very cute images of Aya and Tooya NEW and UNUSED

This notebook is very cute. A tiny bit taller and of course wider than the memo pad above. This was also a furoku item. The inside is purple and white and just says "Ayashi no Ceres" on the pages.

This is a rare zen in item from Sho-comi. I went ahead and scanned in the ad from Sho-comi as well. This comes with the three sheets that are shown in the ad, they are behind the main picture on the planner. Planner is in Awesome condition, there are some indentions on the inside cover pictures from the clips on the inside. Sheets on the inside are also Ceres themed as well. :D

Sticker sheet with Ayashi no Ceres stickers on it.

$3.00 *ON HOLD*
This set comes with a book cover and also a book mark. This was also a furoku from Sho-comi, so I went ahead and scanned in the ad for it from Sho-Comi for authentication purposes. :D

$1.00 *ON HOLD*
Cassete tape Paper.
This is a rare item especially for the fact that we really dont even use Cassete tapes anymore. The back looks as if tape had once toughed it so it took off a bit of grey color(i put a square around that part). The front is in good condition though!

$1.00 *ON HOLD*
Tamahome Furoku Card

$2.00 *ON HOLD*
This pencil board is a little roughed up. I bought it in lot of Fushigi Yuugi items.

$.75 *ON HOLD*
This keychain is a little roughed up. Still in good condition for collectors purposes

$2.00 *ON HOLD*
Ayashi no Ceres Shirt Transparencies.
This came with a sheet of other sho-comi series, but the lot that I won this from only had the Ayashi no Ceres section of it. I am not sure how well these work because i have never used my own from my personal collection. Very rare item.


Ayashi no Ceres 3 postcard set!
I Paid $15 for the postcard set that I have, so this is a good price for this out of print set. The set comes with 3 post cards and they say Ayashi no Ceres in japanese on the back. Item #0799EV

4a: $1.00
5a: $1.50 Sealed with studio sticker

1a: $1.00
2a: $1.00
3a: $1.00

$1.00 *ON HOLD*
This scan shows the back and front of the post card. The middle of the postcard punches out.

$1.00 *ON HOLD*
Fushigi Yuugi Postcard

Yuu Watase Postcard Book
All postcard are attatched. In new condition! Features shows such as Ayashi no Ceres, Imadoki and Fushigi Yuugi. Please click thumbnail for larger scans.


Ayashi no Ceres poster
This came from a Magazine.

Two poster set. Posters are in okay condition. The seams towards the middle of the poster are starting to crack and tear, but this is typical of these posters. Anyone that I have known to own this set has this happening to their set. When combined, this is a HUGE poster!

$4.00 *ON HOLD*
Great condition! Very rare poster from Sho-Comi

RARE 1999 Ayashi no Ceres Calendar! Comes with stickers!
Calendar has been rolled up, Stickers are NOT attatched to the calendar I am selling, but they are included. :D This calendar was also mentioned during the Manga series of Ayashi no Ceres in one of Yuu Watase's comment sections. Poster is not completely flat because it was rolled up during shipping.

$1.50 *ON HOLD*
Sho-Comi All stars Calendar pages. This is a connected peice. One side has Ayashi no ceres, the other has other Sho-comi artwork pages. This is not for a whole calendar, just the Ceres pages.
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